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News: First Look At WASPARMY T-Shirts!!!!

Hey everyone. Here is the first look at the WASPARMY tshirts! It has been great fun designing these and we think they look excellent! Click them to enlarge image.

We will be making them available shortly, how and in what methods we dont know yet. A limited number is being made for a few selected people who will be wearing them to the London Astoria gig on November 17th, so watch out for em!

Anyone interested in obtaining a tshirt or tshirts please email fedja@wasparmy.com and you will be emailed with information.

May we stress out that these tshirts have nothing to do with W.A.S.P. or its management. The leterring, fonts and graphics used has no relation to W.A.S.P. This is simply a website promotion tshirt, website being WASPARMY.com which I legally own.

Posted by Fedja on Monday, November 13 @ 03:01:01 EET (3 reads)
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News: Mercy Video - Live From Bulgaria from 9th Sep 2006!

For the 1st time EVER check out the video for Mercy in this special exclusive!

Great quality bootleg video of Mercy recorded on the Dominator tour 6th Sep 2006. This is the full song, great sound and great video. Recorded at Kaliakra Stadium, Kavarna, Bulgaria.

Posted by Fedja on Saturday, November 11 @ 18:13:25 EET (114 reads)
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News: And ever more pics and reviews - 9th Nov 2006

9th Nov 2006 Update

Added pics + video from the 8th Nov 2006 gig in Minks, Belarus! Thanks to waxhall@yahoo.com for contributing!

Previous Update:

Hey all, the Dominator Live page has been updated yet again with more live show reviews and pics. Thanks to you the fans for constantly contributing to this page, you all rock!

Added pics/reviews from Tenby Wales (1st Nov), Southampton UK again (31st Oct) and Glasgow Garage (27th Oct). Check em out right HERE.

Thanks to Dumbasafox123@aol.com for the Tenby Wales pics and reviews, thanks to Sid for the Southampton pics, thanks to Stella/Estranged & Bill for the Glasgow Garage pics!

Posted by Fedja on Saturday, November 04 @ 04:03:04 EET (30 reads)
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News: More live reviews/pics etc.......

Hey all, the Dominator Live page has been updated again with more live show reviews..

Added pics/reviews from Southampton UK (31st Oct) and Belgrade SERBIA (10th Oct). Check em out right HERE.

Thanks to Tom Hadley for sending the Southamptom review!

Posted by Fedja on Thursday, November 02 @ 03:50:36 EET (11 reads)
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News: RE: Nottingham Rock City Gig - Oct 30th 2006
newsJust got back from Nottingham Rock City Gig (Oct 30th), had a great day, went to a great pub (Pit & Pendulum) and then saw W.A.S.P. for the 4th time on this tour. Real cool gig.

However, ever since crossing the doors of Rock City, the excitement went downhill for me. We were greeted with a message that only 'DISPOSABLE' cameras are allowed, no digital equipment. I asked the staff why and he told me 1. they don't want any video recordings which is fair enough; and 2. they dont want any good quality pictures; so I thought to myself, what in the hell.

So we ended up asking for the tour manager wanting to explain hey dude, we are from WASPARMY and we take pics to promote the band as he already knows. We were kept waiting for nearly 20 minutes for an answer at which point probably 1000 people had already gone in. The answer was yes we can take pics but only for the first 3 songs, and if we take any after that, we may well be chucked out and have camera taken away from me!!!

So out of principle I decided I wont be taking any pictures, things shouldnt be like this. I have been running a W.A.S.P. website for nearly 11 damn years and there is me now asking if I could take some pics of them onstage. I put my heart and soul into the WASPARMY, it would just be nice to have something little back in return. I have never asked for anything, I have never been on any guest list, I paid for every single ticket and believe me there has been a shitload of shows I have attended and I never did any shit like asking for backstage passes etc. I am happy just doing the WASPARMY website and keeping it upto date as much as I can and spreading the WASP vibe all over the world.

I believe WASPARMY helps WASP promotion a lot and I am sure many of you will agree with that statement. W.A.S.P. as a band get very little next to no promotion at all anywhere else and this is a very sad thing. Why do bands from the same era sell out every show they do and sell millions of records. Answer is simple, they have good management who looks after them and promotes them all the way. Hell people living in Nottingham had no idea W.A.S.P. were even playing in Rock City, that being one simple example.

Does anyone remember Chipster Entertainment, the PR company WASP used quite a few years ago. I thought those guys did a fucking awesome job back them promoting WASP. They even did mailing list with all the press releases and WASP news. Right now, we get fuck all news from anybody, there is fuck all promotion and yet we all wonder why W.A.S.P. dont sell out even the small venues and why they dont sell as many records as they used to.

Another thing thats abvious is everybody uses the internet thesedays to get the news, and they will ofcourse visit the official website. Now, sure the website gets a facelift whenever there is a new album due soon, but thats about it. Its dead on the updates (sorry girls but its true). So many people have said it so far. Only things that get updated are the tourdates which can be found anywhere really. But what about the news, band happenings, tour pics, tour news and most of all where in the hell did the links to fansites go. They were removed while being one of the most important pages. Now people cant find other WASP sites with ease.

Tonight the whole no pictures thing just made me think about everything thats all. It would have just been nice to take some pics for the website without the threats or warnings but I guess my efforts are not appreciated that much.

Sorry for the rant, I will stop now. Everyone gets a little pissed off every now and then, including me.


Posted by Fedja on Tuesday, October 31 @ 05:25:38 EET (30 reads)
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News: Review + Approx 80 Pics From Manchester, UK

Hey all

Just got back from the gig in Manchester (28th Oct) and have just added a short review and approx 80 pictures! Check it out HERE.

Greetz to Rob (the 6'8" beast), Stella, Clive, Sylvia and Hanne from Germany and everyone else we talked to!

Also watch out for the review and pics from the Nottingham Rock City gig as we will be attending it on 30th Oct. Peace.

Posted by Fedja on Sunday, October 29 @ 05:40:46 EET (24 reads)
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News: Just A Small Update :)
newsHey all

Just letting you all know, we will be attending the W.A.S.P. show in Manchester, UK tomorrow 28th Oct, and also in Nottingham on 30th Oct, so watch out for pics, reviews and maybe some video clips too :)

Oh and it seems WASPARMY got a little plug i the current issue of KERRANG magazine, check it out in the pic below! Click the pic to view full size.

Posted by Fedja on Friday, October 27 @ 16:37:00 EEST (13 reads)
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News: New BLACKIE LAWLESS TV Interview Available
newsA brand-new Finnish TV interview with W.A.S.P. mainman Blackie Lawless has been posted online at YouTube.com.

(Thanks: Metaldave)

Source: BlabberMouth.net

Posted by Fedja on Wednesday, October 11 @ 01:12:58 EEST (28 reads)
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News: 3 NEW Videos Added!
newsI have just added 3 new live clips from the current tour. These have been sent in by Albert, thanks man - you rule!

The 3 videos are: The Idol, Sleeping (In The Fire) & Blind In Texas!

Check out these 3 videos HERE or for the full video listing of 100+ videos go HERE.


Posted by Fedja on Tuesday, October 10 @ 17:56:06 EEST (18 reads)
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News: More livew reviews/pics....

Hey all, the Dominator Live page has been updated again with more live show reviews..

Added pics/reviews from Germany and CZ dates! Check em out right HERE.

Posted by Fedja on Saturday, October 07 @ 22:39:58 EEST (20 reads)
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